About Us

Photohedgecapitals.com is a company established in 2018 and headquartered in Switzerland. Our company is build up of a team of experienced business analysts, stockbrokers and economists who have years of experience and continually develop their skills. Our main source of income are differences in exchange rates. With adequate resources and the experience and knowledge, it is the incomparably preferred method for leveraging the assets as opposed to other methods.
We mainly focused on European market, but also on the Asian markets. Soon we will open our new offices in Europe and Asia. Our mission is to provide our investors with possibility of increasing their income in a safe and prudent way for the most diverse markets in order to obtain the highest rate of return. We are a group of people, who have won the cautious investing our money in the global financial market. We know that our investors should invest in the designated places that is why We have developed several investment plans with different duration and returned profits to accommodate beginners as well as experienced investors.
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